Starring:  Nandha, Chaya Singh, Master Aryan.
Direction: Naga
Music: Ramesh Krishna
Production: Shankar
And here comes shankar's flop series as producer followed the twosuzhi's .The first one was a laugh riot while this one is a peek in to horror(I am not scared). As every S pictures movie this movie is low budget film and hence they decided to roll up inside a building.And here is the plot .
As every usual horror movie this starts with a happy family A couple along with there only child(they thought it would be easy to scare kids but they fail in tat too).But this movie stands apart from other horror movies in the fact tat the spirits  here are good spirits and they help the inmates of this house.But however these spirits may be, no one wants to mess with them.Hence they decide to move out of the house .But fate stands in their way as one of their family members has difficult times with his business .So they need to solve tat to move outside this prick.Wat they do solves the rest.
As the story has no mystery i tried maintaing some by cutting short the story .But watever may be our movies always move with an happy ending so does this proving it to be a pakka tamil movie.
Regarding the cast nothing worth a mention except for the kid Master Aryan. Some times even when the spirits fail in  frightening  you he does it with his curly hair and sharp eyes.
A note the director WHY DONT YOU BETTER STOP WITH SILVER SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A note to those want to watch this film BETTER WATCH THE TRAILER IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOME EDGE  TO SEAT THRILLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Verdict :- Wait for retail dvd's :D :D :D

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