Goa is the latest in the list of  VenkatPrabhu's movies but its bigger in scope and budget than other of his movies. First things first.. the movie is breathtakingly bad. Venkatprabhu did a decent job in his chennai 28 and went on to ape Judgement night in his saroja which was passable but Goa.. omg.. the worst movie of  the lot.. from the onset the movie has no direction and the second half  is totally absurd with little or no connections between the sequences whatsoever..
 *** spoilers below***
For all people who think Venkat Prabhu is going to give a movie like an American pie or hangover.. sorry lads.. that's not the case with goa.. the screenplay is totally flawed and most of the characters look straight of the comic book.. Sampath as gay.. eh..? its good that Tamil directors are in fact opening to new ideas.. but picturisation is highly boring to say the least.. the movie is yet another cliched story of three youngsters learning about the life hard way around by traveling to a dream holiday.. slightly like a euro trip or a sex drive genre.. but nonetheless with lots of so called commercial elements which implies utter frustration to everybody.. and Premji.? does he ever look his mannerisms.. should we consider those as slapstick and his lines as comedy.. omg.. sorry.. the whole movie is totally dumb and only some respite is provided by sneha who has tried something different from her regular next door things..pia and melanie are horrible and we just hope that pia does act before she moves from channel to channel promoting the movie.. In the actor front.. only Vaibhav is passable and the way Jai speaks his dialogues are utter torture to the spectators..

conclusion : the film is excruciatingly bad and is not worth the hype a bit.. 3.5 /10

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the movie is annoyingly bad.. only two kinds of ppl like this movie. pshcyos and gays

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Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa MP3 Single File


label : Sony Music
Music : AR Rahman | Lyrics : THAMARAI

Director : Goutham Menon | Actors : Simbu,Trisha

Tracklist >
Omana Penne
singers : Benny Dayal, Kalyani Menon
Malayalam Lyrics : Kalyani Menon

Anbil Avan
SINGERs : Devan Ekambaram, Chinmayi

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa
SINGERS : Karthik
Additional vox : Vivek Agarwal

SINGERS : Vijay Prakash, Suzanne, Blaaze
English Rap Lyrics : Blaaze

Kannukkul Kannai
SINGERS : Naresh Iyer
SINGERS : A.R.Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal

SINGERS : Alphonse
Malayalam Lyrics : Kaithapram

Backing vocals: Hosanna : Blaaze, Suzanne, Vivek Agarwal, Dr. Narayanan, V.V. Prassanna, Haricharan Sesh
Hosanna Choir by KM Music Conservatory
Nadaswaram on Omana Penne : Natarajan
Guitar : Johny, George, Sanjeev Thomas
Solo Violin : Ganesh Rajagopalan
Bass guitar : Keith Peters
Flute : Naveen, Kiran
Cello : Elith Martyn
Chennai strings conductor:V.J. Srinivasamurthy
Additional programming:T.R. Krishna Chetan, Deepak P.A., Hentry Kuruvilla, Vivianne Chaix
Additional vocal supervisor :Srinivas
Sound engineers:Sivakumar S., Deepak P.A., T.R. Krishna Chetan, Vivianne Chaix, Suresh Perumal, Kannan Ganpat
Recorded and mixed at Panchathan Record-Inn and AM Studios
Chennai Mixed by K.J. Singh and Deepak P.A.
Mastered by Sivakumar S.
Mastered at AM Studios, Chennai
Music co-ordination: Noel James, Faizuddin T.M.
Musicians' fixer: Samidurai


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