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Puthiya Manidha
Singers: S. P. Balasubramaniam, A. R. Rahman, Khatija Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Kadal Anukkal
Singers: Vijay Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam
Singers: A. R. Rahman, Kash’n'Krissy
Lyrics: Kaarki
English lyrics: Kash’n'Krissy

Chitti Dance Showcase
Singers: Pradeep Vijay, Pravin Mani, Yogi B
Additional Arrangements and Programming: Pravin Mani

Arima Arima
Singers: Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam
Additional Vocals: Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Singers: Javed Ali, Chinmayi
Lyrics: P. Vijay
Additional Vocal Arrangements: Clinton Cerejo

Boom Boom Robo Da
Singers: Yogi B, Keerthi Sagathia, Swetha Mohan, Tanvi Shah
Lyrics: Kaarki

ALBUM CREDITS Film: Endhiran (Tamil)
Stars: Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai
Lyrics: Vairamuthu, Kaarki, P. Vijay
Label: Think Music
Director: S. Shankar
Producer: Kalanidhi Maran
Studio: Sun Pictures
Date: August 2010 Backing vocals:

Raqeeb Alam
R. Vijay Narain
Nithin Raj
Sridhar Vijay
Swetha Mohan
Clinton Cerejo
Dominique Cerejo
Francois Castellino
Newman Pinto
Vivianne Pocha
Bianca Gomes Instruments:

Drums: V. Kumar
Percussions: T. Raja, Vedachalam, Neelakandan, Lakshminarayanan, Raju
Bass Guitar: Keith Peters
Guitars: Sanjeev Thomas, George
Flute: Naveen Kumar
Trumpet: Thomas Chennai Strings conducted by:
V. J. Srinivasamurthy Vocal supervision:
V. J. Srinivasamurthy, Srinivas D. Music Production Assistant:
T.R. Krishna Chetan Additional Programming:
T.R. Krishna Chetan, Deepak P.A., Hentry Kuruvilla Additional vocal supervisor:
Srinivas Sound Engineers:
Panchathan Record-Inn:
Deepak P. A., T. R. Krishna Chetan, Vivianne Chaix, Suresh Permal, Srinidhi Venkatesh AM Studios:
S. Sivakumar, Kannan Ganpat, Pradeep, Dinesh Ramalingam Recorded at Panchathan Record-Inn (Chennai), AM Studios (Chennai), Blue Frog (Mumbai) Mixed bY:
K.J. Singh and Deepak P.A. Mixed at AM Studios (Chennai), Panchathan Record-Inn (Chennai), Cue Recording Studios (Fairfax, Virginia), Tainted Blue Studios (Manhattan, New York), Remote Control Productions (Santa Monica, California) Mastered by:
Sivakumar S. Mastered at AM Studios, Chennai Music co-ordinated by:
Noell James, Faizuddin T.M. Musicians fixed by:
Samidurai Production Incharge: B. Velavan

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Pookal Pookum Song Lyrics – Madrasapattinam Movie Song Lyrics

Pookal Pookum Song Lyrics – Madrasapattinam Movie Song Lyrics

Pookkal pookkum tharunam aaruyirey
paarththadhaarum illai

Ularum kaalai pozhudhai
muzhu madhiyum pirindhuppovadhillai

Netruvarai naeram poagavillai
unadharugey neram poadhavilliaye…(mg.com)

Edhuvum pesavillaiye indru eno
edhuvum thoandravillaiye idhu ennavo..

Iravum vidiyavillaiye, adhu mudindhaal
pagalum mudiyavillaiye poondhalirey…
O… O… O…
O… O… O…

Vaarththai thevaiyillai vaazhum kaalamvarai
paavai vaazhvin olippesumey…(mg.com)

Naetru thevaiyillai naalai thevaiyillai
indru indha nodi poadhumey

Ver indri vidhiyindri vin thoovum mazhiyindri
idhu enna ivan thoattam pooppookkudhey

Vaal indri maan indri
varugindra youththam indri
idhu enna ivanukkul edhedho minnudhey

Idhayam muzhudhum irukkum indha thayakkam
nenjikkullum irukkum

Idhaiyariya engu kidaikkum vilakkam
adhu kidaithaal sollavendum enakkum


Endha megamidhu endhan vaasal vandhu
engum eera mazhaiththoovudhey

Enna uravu idhu edhuvum puriyavillai
endraboadhum idhu nee enben

Yaar endru ariyaamal
perkkooda theriyaamal ivanoadu oru sondham uruvaanathen

Yenendru ketkaamal varungaalam nirkkaamal
ivan poagum vazhiyengum manam poagudhey

Kaadhal mudindha piragum
indha ulagil payanam mudivadhillaiye

Kaatril parandhey paravai varaindha piragum

Illai thoadangum nadanam mudivadhillaiye

Idhu edhuvO…(mg.com)

Thaana tho thanana, Thaana tho thanana
Thaana tho thanana thaananey nananaa
Thaana tho thanana, Thaana tho thanana
Thaana tho thanana thaananey nananaa

Aaruyirey Aaruyire... Song Lyrics from Madrasapattinam Movie

Aaruyirey Aaruyire... Song Lyrics from Madrasapattinam Movie

Aaruyirey Aaruyirey anbey
un anbil thaaney naan vaazhgiren
neeyillaiye naan illaiye
neeppoagum munney anbey naan saagiren

Neeye en uyirey enakkul un uyirey
kangal moodi azhugiren karaigiren
en uyir neeye ena (Aaruyire)…(mg.com)

Varuven unnidam engey nee tholaindhaalum
nenjil un mugam

Kaatrinil maarudhey O… O…
suvaasathil serudhO
nee suvaasikkumboadhum velivaramaatten
unakkul vasippeney

Unniley ennuyirey unakkum ennuyirey
unai enni azhugiren karaigiren enniley uraigiren (Aaruyire)

Kondraalum azhiyaadha undha gnaabagam

Kanneeril mudindhaal thaan kaadhal kaaviyam
metrinil vaazhveno
un thoalgalil saaiveno
un kaiviral pidiththu kaadhalil thilaiththu
kaalangal marappenO…(mg.com)

Unniley ennuyirey naamey Oruyirey

Nammai enni azhugiren karaigiren
uyirai thurakkireney..

Tere Bin Laden Movie Review || Free Movie Download || Free Mp3

Story:  Ali, an ambitious young reporter, working in a downmarket TV news channel, is desperate to get to Amreeka, any which way. Having had his visa rejected several times, he embarks on a novel plan to enter El Dorado. He makes a fake video of Osama bin Laden, using a look-alike, Noora, who happens to be a humble chicken farmer and hopes this would be his ticket to the US. Alas, the best laid plans always backfire....

Movie Review: Now this one's a real cornball. It maybe a shade amateur and have loads of rough edges to its canvas, if you compare it to a regular Bollywood comedy. But when it comes to content, the film scores above several of the recent laugh riots that may have done well at the box office, but definitely didn't have an intelligent script to boast of. Tere Bin Laden has both: a smart script and some smart acting.

Leading the goofball team is veteran Piyush Mishra as the cranky TV producer who heads a TV channel that goes by the dubious name of `Danka' (or something like that). He sends his newshounds on a punishment assignment: to capture the crowing of cocks in a cock-a-doodle competition.

Yawn! says smartypants, Ali (Ali Zafar) who anyhow sleepwalks his way through most of his assignments because he's waiting for the big kill: an ace reporter's job in the hot and happening US media. But the routine assignment metamorphoses into a dream assignment when Ali discovers a chicken farmer who happens to be an Osama clone.

The rest is easy: an ambitious make-up artist (Sugandha Garg), a maverick dubbing artist who can speak Arabic (Rahul Singh), loads of hungry-for-TRP TV channels and a gullible and godawfully stupid Amreekan government are all that it takes to give the world its new breaking news story.

The actors are having a ball, that's evident. The scriptwriter (Abhishek Sharma) is just loving it: making digs on America's war against terror. And the viewers are in for some breezy fun. Savour the satire. 

Source :TOI
Rating :3/5

Lamhaa Movie Review || Free movie Download || Free Mp3

Story:  Sanjay Dutt, an intelligence officer, is sent to the Valley on a special mission. He must investigate the secret going-ons and unveil a sinister plot that threatens to derail the ongoing elections in the troubled state which has been grappling with terror and violence for the past three decades. Can this diehard officer manage to navigate his way through the conflicting forces --terrorists, separatists, activists, opportunists --and let the voice of the quintessential Kashmiri prevail amidst the cacophony of political chaos?

Movie Review: From the communal cauldron of Gujarat 2002 to the scarred battlefield of Kashmir, filmmaker Rahul Dholakia carries forward his tryst with political cinema with a refreshing seriousness and gravitas that defies the demands of commercialisation.

If Parzania portrayed the nullity of communal violence with extreme sensitivity and pathos, then Lamhaa is a no-holds-barred look at the multi-layered turmoil in Kashmir, with so many real-life references that you end up with just one conclusion: now here's a real film about a real problem.

The highpoint of Lamhaa is the fact that it doesn't use the political overboil as an exotic setting for a love story, nor do the fiery Chinar trees and the serene Dal lake double up as sylvan scenery for romantic duets. There is romance, but a mere suggestion of it, between the ex-militant, Aatif (Kunal Kapoor) and the firebrand female activist, (Aziza) Bipasha Basu. The twosome, who are fighting their individual battles for a better future for their state, know the bitter truth: it may be ever-after, but in another paradise,when the bullets have stopped flying and the bombs have been silenced. Till then, Aatif wants to try the power of the ballot -- he wants to fight the elections --having realised the nullity of guns and bullets; and Aziza wants to shed her militant garb for a more workable solution. Our agents of change do realise it isn't going to be an easy task, specially since nobody seems to be in favour of normalcy. Neither the fundamentalist Pakistani leader, Pasha (Yuri Suri), propagating his factories of misconstrued jihad across the border, nor the machiavellian spiritual heads like Haji (Anupam Kher) and the rest, spearheading a hate wave within the state, nor even the sundry middlemen, moneymakers and dubious official agencies drawing their moolah and clout from the Kashmir conundrum.

Also, the film refreshingly -- and realistically -- posits no solutions. Seriously, can a political film actually dare to resolve a complex issue that has claimed millions of lives and has been plaguing a sub-continent for almost three decades? All it dares to do is transport you to one of the most dangerous places in the world that lies at your doorstep and take a hard-hitting look at the movement for self-determination and the role of the Indian state in post 1989 Kashmir. So, don't go looking for a cinema that follows a traditional format, offering made-to-order recipes and instant nirvana. Of course, the film maker has enough hooks to draw you in, the most important being the relentless pace of the film which unfolds like an action-packed thriller. Another alluring factor are the performances.

Most of the ensemble cast creates convincing characters, with Sanjay Dutt delivering a rock-solid and restrained act after a long time. Anupam Kher's enigmatic and shrewd spiritual leader is chilling and matches up to Yuri's malevolent Lashkar-Jaish leader look-alike. Both Bipasha and Kunal are completely non-starry and quite convincing as the voice of the young Kashmiri, longing for a semblance of normalcy. Just one word of caution: you might end up losing the link, now and then.... there are simply too many people and players who keep bursting onto the screen in unmitigated frenzy. But if you remain patient, you will see them fitting into the bigger picture.

A word about the cinematography: James Fowlds camera captures Kashmir, both in its beauty and its sinister shades. Mithoon's music score too has enough lilt to draw you in. Serious and sensible cinema, Lamhaa is meant for the movie buff looking for something more....

Source : TOI
Ratin : 3.5/5

Udann Movie Review || Free Movie Download || Mp3 Download

 Story:  Teenager Rohan (Rajat Barmecha) is thrown out from his high profile boarding school with his bunch of friends after the truant group is caught watching a C-grade smut film, off campus. Rohan is forced to return to his dad, Ronit Roy, who lives in Jamshedpur and has been an absentee figure in Rohan's life for the past eight years.

Is Rohan's return a home-coming of sorts, one that reunites him with his long-lost father, or is it a coming-of-age, where the teenager must learn to cope with the harsh realities of life. Like, a disciplinarian, uncommunicative, emotionally-blunted dad and a scared step-brother....Udaan comes with a reputation. It showcased India at Cannes this year and reportedly won a lot of applause. Big question? Does debutant director Vikramaditya Motwane's film live up to its hype? It does. It does.

Movie Review: Udaan is unconventional Bollywood at its biting best. The film is a moody, introspective and ekdum different look at teenage angst: an issue that has never been given the importance it deserves in Hindi cinema which has by and large relegated the 16-something story to teeny-bopper rolls-in-the-haystack romances.

But Rajat Barmecha's Rohan isn't your run-of-the mill Hindi film teenager. He has more substantial (read realistic) problems than to find a girlfriend and discover sex, even though his dad does ask him -- in a delightful sequence -- sex kiya ki nahin?! For him, the issues are mostly existential....Like, how does he cope with a father who seems to be a clone of Hitler; how does he pursue his dreams of becoming a writer, when disciplinarian dad insists he must join him in the factory; how does he learn to love a step brother he doesn't even know; how does he get back to a family that doesn't exist; and how does he adjust to a small town with its uneventful life and its middle-class morality.

Udaan is essentially a performance-based film that scores mostly in the characters it dabbles with. Ronit Roy's cold and emotionally stunted father-figure, bogged down by middle-class fears and obsessions about a `secure' no-nonsense future for his son is actually quite familiar. Even as Rajat Barmecha's dreamy, rebellious teenager who wants to escape rut and routine, is representative of the hundreds of youngsters who have run away from authority and an uninspiring future, with nothing but a pocketful of notes and a heartful of dreams. Add to this, Rajat's younger brother, a victim of domestic abuse, his understanding chacha (Ram Kapoor), and his bunch of edgy friends (both in boarding school and in the dead town) and you have a compelling character study of growing up in middle-class mofussil India.

Hailing from the Anurag Kashyap school of cinema, Udaan has the edgy feel and the bitter sweet emotional core characteristic of India's neo wave cinema. No, life ain't all ha-ha-hee-hee and families that eat together don't always stay together, happily-ever-after. There's a lot of rough-and-tumble-beneath the gloss and that's where all the real drama actually lies. Get down to some real business. Enter some real homes. Grapple with some real problems. And feel some real joy....

Source :TOI
Rating : 4/5

Naan Mahaan Alla (2010 film) MP3 Audio Free download single file!

Naan Mahaan Alla (2010 film)

Naan Mahaan Alla (2010 film) MP3 Audio Free download single file!


No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length

1. "Va Va Nilava Pudichi"   Na. Muthukumar Rahul Nambiar 05:06

2. "Iragai Pole"   Yugabharathy Yuvan Shankar Raja, Tanvi Shah 05:57

3. "Oru Maalai Neram"   Na. Muthukumar Javed Ali, Shilpa Rao 07:47

4. "Theivam Illai"   Yugabharathy Madhu Balakrishnan 04:58

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Aadhi Upcoming Movie Araavan Stills !!!!!!!!!

Cast :- Aadhi ,Dhansika , Pasupathi
Direction :- Vasantha Balan (Aangadi theru fame)

The story seems to be revolving in earlier centuries guessing from the stills and we can except a great movie from the direct vasantha balan who gave us the great film angadi theru .

Endhiran Audio Release Confirmed||Free MP3 DOWNLOAD ||Track listing ||


The most expected movie of the year Endhiran's final schedule shooting has been completed.This film features Superstar Rajinikanth and world Beauty Aishwariya Rai .With shankar directing the film and film is being produced by sun pictures.And this movie is a big budget film .Music has been scored A R Rehman.The audio release date has been conformed for the end of this month .And Shankar himself has mentioned on this in his site. So expecting audio tracks in a few weeks.Stay tuned :) :)