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TSOTSI is a gritty and moving portrait of an angry young man living in a state of extreme urban deprivation.  Set amidst the sprawling Johannesburg township of Soweto – where survival is the primary objective – TSOTSI traces six days in the life of a ruthless young gang leader who ends up caring for a baby accidentally kidnapped during a car-jacking.
Are you wondering what ‘Tsotsi’ is doing herein this review of ‘Yogi’? ‘Yogi’ is a copycat of Hollywood movie Tsotsi, which has won more international awards. The film holds a prominent position in the list of World’s best movies.
It really puzzles us how come Ameer could just step out of his stunning piece work and just go for the remake policy.
Let’s stop with the comparison and get on straight with the analysis….
Yogi doesn’t gratify to the tastes of any centre, since the unusual story may not be liked by universal cohorts. The film’s duration is so long that it scatters away our attention, letting us restless. Of course, just imagine the film’s duration with 2.45hrs with no twists and turns (except few scenes). More than all, the climax (unconvincingly done) is so predictable and thus makes you loose out the interest.
The film is about a young rowdy Yogi (Ameer), who had a very bad childhood has a strong hatred towards society. He and his yeomen are always into theft and robbery. One night, Yogi has finds himself wedged in an unexpected situation when he spots a baby found in the car he stole.
Now, Yogi finds a rush of resurgence within him as he becomes more attached with the kid. But, he has cops tracing him to get back the kid for the parents. But again, the father wants the baby dead. What unfolds next is a series of some interesting moments flimsily narrated with clichéd formulas.
When it comes to performance, Ameer is the front runner. But why does Subramaniam Siva turns the situation more unrealistic by depicting with heroism? It’s completely inapt for a filmmaker-turned-actor to have all these privileges right on his debut film. Madhumitha does justice to her role while Snegan is so pathetic for the gangster role. Better he stay away from the dreams of acting in mere future. Vincent Ashokan sleepwalks through his usual portrayal as villain. Couple of henchmen in Yogi’s gang (lean and fat guy) is so stereotypical. The baby does engross with its facial expressions…
Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score doesn’t add to the best technical quotients. Cinematography has been perfectly done, especially in the action packed sequences. Choreography of stunts is brilliant, though it looks weird with Ameer performing them.
Finally, ‘Yogi’ lacks substantiality over the script and lengthy screenplay and so on. If you ask us, whether this film deserves a watch? Definitely not!  It’s a big disappointment from Ameer and Subramaniam Siva’s attempt of transcending for a higher level fails.

Cast & Crew:

Banner: Team Work Productions


Subramaniam Siva

Ameer, Madhumitha, Nirmala Periasamy, Snegan and others.

Yuvan Shankar Raja

Verdict: Average


De Dana Dan Review - Beyond Pathetic Garbage

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Of all the Bollywood movies we’ve watched in 2009, De Dana Dan is easily the most boring, sickening, crappy piece of shit.

Folks, there was not a single moment of respite in the 2 hours and 40-minutes we spent in the dark hall of the AMC Empire theater on 42nd St (near Times Square) in New York City on Wednesday.

$6 down the drain. Total waste of time and money.

Should you dare to bestow the blessings of your time and money on this junk, a painful migraine will be your reward too.

There were all of seven or eight people for the first show (10:25AM) of De Dana Dan at the AMC Empire, the sparse crowd perhaps a reflection of the lack of enthusiasm and zero buzz for this Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Katrina Kaif et al movie.

Given that Akshay Kumar is the unrivalled Trash King of Bollywood these days, the small audience should have been no surprise.

Colossus of Nonsense

From the getgo, De Dana Dan misses no opportunity to lay bare its claim to fame as one of the lowpoints of Bollywood this year.

The grand get-rich plan of two desperate desis in Singapore Nitin (Akshay Kumar) and Ram (Sunil Shetty) rests on kidnapping the dog belonging to a rich and greedy businesswoman (Archana Puran Singh).

Oh, if you really want to know Nitin is the driver and Man Friday of the greedy businesswoman while Ram is driver for a courier service van.

Director Priyadarshan, who is also responsible for the moronic screenplay, then throws in a bewidering array of characters and side stories to the dog-kidnap tale in a clumsy, hopeless attempt at salvaging this junk.

You have Nitin’s sweetheart Anjali (Katrina Kaif); Ram’s girlfriend Manpreet (Sameera Reddy); a failed, crooked businessman Chaddha Sr (Paresh Rawal); a contract killer Murari (Johnny Lever); a Don (Asrani), a hooker (Neha Dhupia), a hyper-priapic weirdo (Shakti Kapoor) and more.

But in the complete absence of comic scenes or hilarious dialogs, the end result of this dismal ensemble is endless tedium for the audience.

Notwithstanding what you may have heard or read, none of the characters or their antics are funny in the least. Just unceasingly boring and tiresome.

Oh well, Rajpal Yadav as the waiter was a bit funny but then his character is too insignificant.

Why Singapore had to be the setting for this drivel is a mystery.

Key Villains

The principal villains of De Dan Dan are the incomprehensibly fatuous story and unendurable screenplay.

Then there’s the mediocre acting.

Sunil Shetty is the antithesis of acting. How this bozo managed to bag a role in this movie is a question that can only be answered by producer Sunil Lulla.

Akshay Kumar is tolerable but the shoddy script leaves no room for any chance of entertainment.

Both Sameera Reddy and Katrina Kaif are pitiful and leave no mark whatsoever.

A most unimpressive abomination, Sameera Reddy with her horrid acting skills, her weird costume and stupid hairstyle seemed like a modern-day Lady Macbeth out to wreak her machinations on the audience.

Sheer Cacophony

As for the so-called music in the film, to spend any time on that cacophony in De Dana Dan would be to waste your time and ours.

There’s not one redeeming thing in this repellent farce of a movie.

Awful Finale

If the first 2 hours of De Dana Dan was awfully boring, the last 40 minutes was unendurable nonsense. Particularly after the suitcase-bomb blasts and a huge wave of water rushes into the hotel.

What was the necessity to drag that nonsense for 15 minutes?

They say that Kerala, the state De Dana Dan director Priyadarshan hails from, has 100% literacy. This retard Priyadarshan must surely be an exception.

Priyadarshan, Caput tuum in ano es (readers, if Latin is all Greek to you, the expression means you have your head up your ass).

Not Worth Watching
Guys, think not for a moment.

De Dana Dan begs you to show it the middle finger.

Do not even consider watching this garbage unless you have a desperate itch to squander your time and money. You may try better films like kurbaan




Movie Review: Kurbaan;
Star cast: Saif Ali khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi and Om Puri;
Director: Rensil D’Silva;
Love blossoms between a Delhi college professor, Avantika (Kareena) and her newly joined colleague, Ehsaan Khan (Saif). But as she receives a call to join back her University in New York, Ehsaan proposes marriage. While her father initially disapproves of the match because of Ehsaan being a Muslim, he finally gives his nod impressed by Ehsaan’s approach. The couple goes to New York and finds a house in an Indian neighbourhood. But soon Avantika realizes her own husband is a major part of the terrorist sleeper cell operating there and is the reason for aeroplane blast that kills 140 people. She also comes to know that the terror outfit’s next plane is something as big as 9/11. How she unearths the plot with a journalist Riyaaz ‘s (Vivek) aid and what it all leads forms the rest of the plot.
Writer Rensil D’Silva (Rang De Basanti) making his directorial debut with Kurbaan delivers a taut thriller that keeps you engrossed throughout. Despite its long running time of over 2 hours and 40 minutes his gripping narrative has enough twists n turns and chilling moments. Cutting away from commercial cinema traps and unwanted cinematic liberties, he has made Kurbaan one of the best thrillers to be experienced on the big screen in recent times. Without taking any sides, the film manages to strike an impact leaving you shaken with the full of bloodshed climax. Super aid comes in form of Niranjan Iyengar and Anurag Kashyap’s dialogues. They are precise and to the point without sounding preachy. The classroom sequence when American students question discuss terrorism and Islam and Vivek Oberoi’s replies to them is one of the film’s most important and noteworthy sequence. Though the place drops a bit post interval, the 35 – 40 minute long climax keeps you on the edge of your seat. The much talked about love making sequence is very aesthetically shot. Salim Suleiman’s music is good and fits in the movie well with no lip sync songs.
Saif has always been very good whenever he has gone wicked and here as well he comes up triumphs in a grey role. The way he changes his body language and facial expressions from a charming romantic to a cold blooded terrorist is just superb. Bebo proves yet again why she is considered a top rated actress today. However, in many emotional sequences she appears very similar in her act to her elder sister, Karisma. After a really very long time Vivek Oberoi leaves you extremely impressed. His mature act is bound to win him many accolades and awards for sure. Om Puri as the terrorist sleeper cell head is very good. Kirron Kher after a long time gets a non-Punjabi mom role and she is has delivered one of her career best performance in this one. Dia Mirza and Nauheed Cyrusi leave you impressed despite their short roles.
Hemant Chaturvedi’s camerawork matches international standards and so does Nakul Kamte’s Sound work.
Finally, a big applause for Karan Johar for making under his Dharma Productions, a film which is very unlike any previous film made under his prestigious banner and one which is not only extremely well made but also very topical.

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'Endhiran’ creates traffic jam in Chennai

'Endhiran’ creates traffic jam in Chennai

The whole team of Shankar’s ‘Endhiran’ was in Rajalakshmi College, Madhuravoil from 10th of November to 12th.

A risky stunt sequence choreographed by stunt master Peter Haynes was shot on a magnificent set. A scene in which robot Rajini’s car being burnt was also shot inside the college campus.

Director Shankar happened to see an over bridge that is under construction in Maduravoil ring road near Mugappair. That is the Chennai High Speed Circular Transportation Corridor, an urban road transit in the form of elevated concentric beltway planned for Chennai. This particular over bridge is being designed so well that it looks like some foreign location. So the director had planned to shoot the car chase of ‘Endhiran’ in this location.

The shoot of the car chasing is being canned there from yesterday. We hear that many of Superstar’s fans who reside in nearby areas got to know about this and crowded the shooting spot. Looks like the crowd created a traffic jam in the bypass road causing difficulties. Moreover many fans tried to take pictures of Rajinikanth with the cameras in their cell phones. The private security guards who were there tried to stop it, but in vain.

The shoot will go on there for few more days and the next schedule is planned in the beautiful East Coast Road.

Aval Appadi Ondrum (Angaadi Theru) - Lyrics

Lyrics of Aval Appadi Ondrum from Angaadi Theru


aval appadi ondrum azhagillai
avalukku yaarum inai illai
aval appadi ondrum color illai
aanal adhu oru kurai illai

aval appadi ondrum azhagillai
avalukku yaarum inai illai
aval appadi ondrum color illai
aanal adhu oru kurai illai

aval peridhaai ondrum padikka villai
avalai padithen mudikka villai
aval udhuthum udaigal pidikka villai
irundhum kavanikka marakka villai

aval appadi ondrum azhagillai
avalukku yaarum inai illai
aval appadi ondrum color illai
aanal adhu oru kurai illai

Charanam 1

aval naaikutti edhuvum
naan kaaval irundhaal
aval bommaikalai vaithu
naan bommai pola pirakka villai

aval koondhal ondrum neelamillai
andha kaatil tholaithen meelavillai
aval kai viral modhiram thangamillai
kai pidithidum aasai thoongavillai

aval sondham indri eduvum illai
enakku eduvum illai

Charanam 2

aval pattu pudavai endrum
aval chudithar pola edhuvum
aval thittum podhum valikka villai
andha akkarai pola veru illai

aval vaasam roja vaasam illai
avalillamal swasam illai
aval sondham bandham eduvum illai
aval sondham indri eduvum illai
aval sondham indri eduvum illai
enakku eduvum illai

aval appadi ondrum azhagillai
avalukku yaarum inai illai
aval appadi ordrum color illai
aanal adhu oru kurai illai

aval peridhaai ondrum padikka villai
avalai padithen mudikka villai
aval udhuthum udaigal pidikka villai
irundhum kavanikka marakka villai 

boys-original sound track-ost-torrent-download

Hey ppl !! For all you music lovers, rahmaniacs in particular, here is an exclusive release from TZT team.

Type..........................:Tamil Movie Original Sound Track
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Movie .................: Boys
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we are planning to release more music in the coming days. stay tuned for rare collections and latest releases.