Vettaikaran new latest movie review

Vettaikaran has been the talk of the town lately. After a string of defeats people were expecting a blockbuster from Vijay and as soon as sun pictures entered the scene, the hype was very high. Now after seeing the movie if one asks a question. Has the movie lived up to its hype? the answer is a strong 'NO'.

The film is yet another rehash of the crappy masala and bgrade action films that Vijay has done in the past. Its very sad that Vijay, who seems to work so hard is still sticking to the same formula irrespective of them bombing in the box office. In this film too Vijay has totally replicated the style of superstar Rajinikanth in many places and its very evident in lot of scenes. His role is also of that of an autorikshaw driver which gives him an awesome stage to show his heroic styles ( copied from superstar) and slew of punch dialogues all through the film.

The story is the one for ages. A good man destroying all the goondas and villians of the city once his kin ( in this case Vijay's guru, a policeman ) is attacked by them. To give due credit the movie, the first half is watchable and Vijay Antony has done a decent job in both bgm and songs but the second half is where the torture begins. Lots of fights, unnecessary punch dialogues, big development in a single song, you name it, you get it. Its such a boredome and rehash of all the cliched sequences and finally the hero (as expected by Vijay fans) wins over the villian.

And hey the credits must go to Anushka too for doing a role just for the name of the banner and hero with little or no substance in it.

No offence meant but this film is strictly only for the Vijay maniacs ( and there are lots out there ) and not for the normal people . If you cant watch Vijay's antics in kuruvi and his over the top scenes in villu then most probably you wont like this film too. Maybe we can watch it when its screened on Sun Tv for some festival that too for Anushka's skin show.

Verdict: Dont try this movie if you are not a die hard Vijay fan. You wil be terribly disappointed.


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